Our Company

The gold Solidus, introduced by Constantine, held its value for seven centuries, making it history’s most stable currency. Since we strive to build value for our investors over the long-term, we believe this name is a good reflection of our approach.

Geographic reach and physical offices

Solidus-TNInvestco will only invest in companies based in Tennessee. Although we have not geographically limited our investments in the past, we continue to find many exciting opportunities in Tennessee. As previously mentioned, 43 of the 48 investments (or 90%) made by the principals over the last 24 years have been into companies in our state. In the Solidus principals’ unrealized portfolio, 19 of 21 companies (or 90%) are based in Tennessee. Furthermore, these companies are dispersed widely across the entire state in the following manner: 18 companies with 27 offices and over 1,000 employees in 11 counties across the state (see map).

Offices around the State

Solidus believes that it is important to demonstrate, in a highly visible way, a strong commitment to every region of the state. Therefore, in the first three months of 2010, we will establish physical offices in Memphis, Chattanooga and Knoxville / Oak Ridge. As a result, Solidus-TNInvestco will be conveniently located within a short drive of most Tennessee entrepreneurs. This will enable us to attract deal flow from across the state and provide early-stage capital to the widest breadth of small companies regardless of geography. In addition, this presence “on the ground” will facilitate the launch of our three focused city initiatives.